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Many condo and home owners associations have enacted rental regulations within the communities by laws. A solid tenant screening program words wonders. Beyond being charged with protecting values, the Board must also seek to maintain the peace and safety of its community. While screening won't catch every problem every time, weeding out felons, tenants evicted from other rentals and those with "undocumented" income from dubious sources go a long way towards preserving the integrity of a community. According to Kansas state law, an association may reject a prospective buyer or renter for reasons allowed by governing documents. State law does not require the association to provide a seller a reason for rejection. There is no provision for challenge of the decision.

CHIEF Investigations private investigators can provide invaluable information to those who are in the property management industry. Property management companies are inundated by a high turnover of tenants in their associations.

The private investigator at our investigation company enables you to gain a better understanding of your prospective tenant through extensive background and credit checks. The level of background research is totally up to you!


Our Kansas private investigators will provide you with added piece of mind and can provide you with information that may, and in fact has proven priceless. Our tenant investigations have revealed sexual predators, felons, and people with drug convictions on their record.