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Nanny Baby Sitter Investigations


When it comes to keeping our children safe, there is no room for mistakes. CHIEF Investigations will provide in-depth nanny baby sitter investigations comprised of the following:  


  1. Social Security Number Verification – The user’s Social Security Number will be verified to ensure that it is a valid Social Security Number and that the person is a legal citizen of the United States.
  2. Address Verification – The user’s address will be verified to ensure that it is associated with the user.
  3. Criminal Record Verification – A search of criminal records will be conducted to see if the user has a criminal record. The records that are searched include: 
    a.) State and county criminal record repositories
    b.) State sex offender registries 
    c.) Prison, parole and release files from state Department of Corrections, Administrative Office of Courts, and other state agencies

The specific records which are searched vary by state and county. For example, sex offender registries are not available in the states of Vermont and Washington. Accordingly, such offenses committed in these states would not be found by this search. 

Even when parents have chosen a babysitter, nanny, or caregiver wisely, child safety is not guaranteed. Parents need to remain alert, since changes in the nanny’s personal life may affect the caregiver’s behavior after the caregivers are hired. A nanny may not have a record of reckless driving or criminal behavior, but can develop serious problems at any time. Staying alert for signs of trouble include watching for the following signs:

  • Sudden lack of communication. Good caregivers spend time talking with parents and with children. This helps keep lines of communication open and helps put everyone at ease. If a nanny suddenly becomes withdrawn, there may be a personal problem or issue that needs to be resolved.
  • Changes in appearance, weight, or personal hygiene habits. Again, this can be a sign of a worry or problem. It can also signal a problem that can affect the caregiver’s ability to do their job. Parents should ask whether everything is alright and make an offer of help.
  • A new group of friends that seem to be a bad influence. Not every parent knows who their nanny or caregiver socializes with. However, if a parent suddenly notices their caregiver spending time with questionable persons, that may be a sign of trouble
  • Sudden changes in behavior.
  • Sudden changes in children’s behavior. If children suddenly have an issue with the caregiver or seem to be having more accidents than normal, resulting in bruises, it is time for parents to get involved.
  • Others report signs of problems. Parents may be among the last to know that a caregiver is in trouble. All reports of potential problems must be taken seriously. Any parent who notices signs of trouble after hiring a nanny should contact a qualified private investigator for help. An experienced private investigator can run a discreet and completely legal investigation to ensure that the children are safe and well cared for.

Are Nanny Cams The Answer? 

Many parents worry even when there are no warning signs of trouble. In some cases there are no signs of problems until disaster strikes. Some people are simply very good at hiding neglect, criminal behavior, or personal problems. Some parents consider nanny cams as a possible solution. These hidden cameras monitor nannies and caregivers, giving parents a “sneak peek” at what goes on when the caregiver is left alone with children or elderly parents. Nanny cams can uncover and stop child and elderly abuse and neglect. They can also be an inexpensive way to get some peace of mind.